Skyphos Technologies

3D printed LOAC, microfludics and other solutions to lithography, hot embossing

With shipping in as little as 24 hours, you only need to provide your CAD Drawing and complete a few questions. Your devices will be on the way and ready to test that week instead of waiting months for prototypes. With our FDA approved resin prototype is production , and one material can move with your updates from initial designs, design updates and tweaks, and support full scale production.


Streamline your process

Your parts, made to order, in record time

3 steps to a streamlined process:


Tel. +1 540-759-2447

How we work:

  • Submit one or more designs in 2D/3D format (STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, IGES; STEP, CSVs, PDB, and VRML/X3D - we even work with standard file packages from AutoDesk, SolidWorks and many others)

  • Fill out the form with some basic contact info and a few lines about your idea

  • Within 24 hours we will review, and schedule a call to make sure we have everything right

  • Your design ships and you can test that week




Low Cost

  • Shipping in 24 hours

  • 10+ um resolution

  • Prototype is production, FDA approved materials*

  • Agile development: upload multiple designs, test against one another, integrate results

  • Incredible replication - QA/QC inspection and six-sigma capability

  • Integrated manifolds make it easy to perform complex chip-to-world connections

  • No assembly required