Skyphos Technologies

3D Overview

Skyphos 3DP offers rapid low-cost 3D printed microfluidic devices in as little as 1 day. Our services allow direct transition from CAD file to finished product in clear, bio-compatible resins and offer direct replacement for PDMS and lithographic methods. Skyphos is fast enough to compete against hot embossing and injection molding for larger runs up up to 1M parts. If you have lab-on-chi[p, point of care diagnostics bio chips, bio reactors, need 3D cell scaffolds we are the ones to get in touch with.

Microfluidics - Medical Devices - LOAC - Diagnostics

The power of a device is the data -

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“Wafer manufacturing is wonderful for semiconductor fabrication, but microfluidics and biologicals are significantly different, requiring their own unique and dedicated process.“

Since the inception of lab-on-a-chip (LOAC), the community has relied on lithography, a re-appropriated process from the semi-conductor industry. Originally this process was necessary to attain the small features and smooth finishes to create LOAC devices, however 3D printing can now offer much faster and better results. Moving ideas to finished parts in minutes. Skyphos challenges these norms through our patent pending 3D printer and process. Resulting in an an agile process for product development

3 Key Metrics:

1. Time: Test and iterate in days, use one material from prototype through production

2. Money: No molds, no costs or delays for changes

3. True 3D: Incredible aspect ratios enabling small footprints and 100x flow-rates