Skyphos Technologies

Why 3D Print?


Streamline your process

Your parts, made to order, in record time

Order in 3 steps:


Tel. +1 540-759-2447

How we work:

  • Submit one or more designs in 2D/3D format (STL, OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, IGES; STEP, CSVs, PDB, and VRML/X3D - we even work with standard file packages from AutoDesk, SolidWorks and many others)

  • Fill out the form with some basic contact info and a few lines about your idea

  • Within 24 hours we will review, and schedule a call to make sure we have everything right

  • Your design ships and you can test that week




Low Cost

  • Shipping in as little as 24 hours

  • Prototype is production - for the first time ever, materials are the same from start to finish

  • Cycle-times and tolerances that meet or exceed gold-standards of hot-embossing or injection molding

  • Features down to 20 um XY at 1:10 aspects (XY:Z)

  • Channels down to 30 um width and 1:10 aspects (XY:Z)

  • Agile development: upload multiple designs, test against one another, integrate results

  • No molds means a simple drawing change for an ECO, the next device off the line has the update

  • Incredible replication - QA/QC inspection and six-sigma levels throughout

  • Integrated manifolds make it easy to perform complex chip-to-world connections

  • No assembly required, allows massive parallelization

  • Discounts based on total chips ordered per lab/year

  • Device history tree and improvements on record