Skyphos Technologies


True 3D Internal Designs

 Flexible and direct to final product solution

As illustrated on the charts, Skyphos offers a unique and copelling advantages working from the research level and up. Even if your lab already has a device mold and internal personnel, 10 copies is most likely the tipping point where it becomes better to use Skyphos as a service. Chips can be ordered open or closed, with proper QC and internal testing guaranteeing the quality shipped to the lab in just a few days. Our flexible manufacturing line allows rapid scale up with almost no lead time, and any changes can be integrated in real-time.

Skyphos chips – whether in a pack of 10 for initial designs or shipments of 10k are all the same. This allows the initial experiment to be an actual test of the final product. There is not a question of spending $20-$80K on a mold to find out if major updates are required. There is no question whether the manufacturing process can support the lab design. Inverted wafers are not accidentally ordered. For the first time, the customer is testing the finished product at any stage of the design process regardless of updates.